“Ets Alella” a video to show a great people.

With my partner Abel Folk have made this video to promote Alella, a video of the whole people’s participation was essential for success and good results. All participants feel satisfied and proud to… Read More

Music Video “Caminaré” Manolo García

Some impressions of the filming of this video Since “Pájaros de Barro” I have directed most of their clips and unconditional maintain close collaboration with Manolo García. Throughout these years we have gone… Read More

“Es Mejor Sentir” (You Feel Better) Manolo García

Here my latest collaboration with Manolo Garcia this Lyric Video for her single “You Feel Better.” Made with images recorded by himself in his people and put into question all their imagination in… Read More

Shooting “Sea and Sky” in the Metro and the CC Arenas Barcelona

Making of the recording Flashmob “Sea and Sky” The musical

Making off the flashmob Sea and Sky made ​​by Metro and CC Arenas of Barcelona.

Short Film Competition 1st Quick Creu Coberta Shopping&Shooting

We are preparing the Cross Roof Association and a short film competition launches fast for the coming Christmas Day, obviously, I’m very involved. We encourage cultural creation broadcasting in Barcelona, through a proposed… Read More

Chance Photo shooting

Chance “Lo Puedo Consegui” (Can We Achieve)

This is the first video of CHANCE. CHANCE is Camila Vargas, a girl of 18 and a degree of disability of 72%, due to a double lung transplant, an operation Aquivertebral column and… Read More

Opening the C33 documentary “Els Meus Set Cims, un camí per superar el càncer” (My Seven Summits, a way to overcome cancer)

Article from the TV3 website: John Clofent, mountain lovers and sport caught by surprise by cancer, it is proposed to realize the dream of climbing the highest mountains of each continent, “Seven Summits.”… Read More

“CHANCE” Camila’s dream come true

Camilla has been twice transplanted lung has exceeded its uncertainties serious illness and even it was very near death. Monica Sanz, his friend and teacher of singing, shared passion that has helped Camilla… Read More

Headers Swimming World TV 2013

Bernat Aragones as director of post-Pol Turrens as director of photography I had the pleasure of doing headers and separators for all television programs of the World Swimming Championships in Barcelona 2013 has… Read More

Shoot photos Swimming World Barcelona 2013